Ahmad Hassan Bassiouny

Ahmad Hassan Bassiouny

Blog: http://is.gd/hH4zs
Location: Cairo, Egypt
30° 3' 53.0712" N, 31° 14' 58.2324" E
Status: Under Arrest
Arrested on 05 Nov 2010

Ahmed Hassan Basiouny is facing a military trial this month under case number 4405/2010 after creating a group on facebook. He is charged with disclosing military secrets on the internet, thus is under military trial and accused by the military prosecution for: “Broadcasting secrets of defense via the Internet, and publishing news and information related to the Armed Forces of Egypt by creating a website titled Packing and Recruitment Management in Egypt and answering questions of youth applying to the recruitment”.

The group Bassiouny created is named the Administration Of Military Recruitment And Mobilization, after the military authority responsible for receiving the new soldiers and orienting them. Good to note that the military service in Egypt is mandatory for men, they may be exempted or defer it in certain conditions and according to specific terms, but in all cases, every Egyptian male has to handle his status of military service through this administration.The group includes information about prerequisites for military service, documents needed for recruitment, submission dates, deadlines and other formalities, all this information is available on the press and some of them are already online. Bassiouny was just making it easier to his peers to have everything in one page. The group has now approximately 1800 members. And he clearly stated that his group is ‘unofficial and voluntary’.

On November 30th, 2010, the military court sentenced Ahmad to 6 months imprisonment for broadcasting secrets of defense on Facebook.

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