Niksa Klecak

Niksa Klecak

Location: Croatia
45° 23' 54.42" N, 15° 38' 40.3116" E
Status: Released
Released on 01 Dec 2008

Niksa Klecak, the 22 -year-old Croatian who created an anti-PM Facebook Group “I bet I will find 5,000 people who do not like the Prime minister” [Ivo Sanader], has been arrested for allegedly promoting neo-Nazi materials. The police claimed that they found some Nazi symbols and propaganda at his home. Niksa Klecak has been then released by the police due to lack of evidence. But later, according to the, a senior police official has rejected criticism of the detention, arguing that the “Police acted legally […] because Mr Klecak's group displayed a photo montage of Mr Sanader in a Nazi uniform. Nazi symbols are banned under Croatian law,” he said.

So far, 14.186 members have joined the group, instead of the 5 thousand that Niksa Klecak wanted to gather. Croatian political analysts described the detention as a “politically motivated case” and a “notorious abuse of police for political purposes,” since Niksa Klecak is the president of one of the Social Democrats' youth branches.

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