Slim Boukhdhir

Slim Boukhdhir

Location: Sfax, Tunisia
36° 40' 6.3084" N, 10° 1' 10.3116" E
Status: Released
Arrested between 26 Nov 2007 and 21 Jul 2008
Campaign Site:

Tunisian Police arrested Boukhdhir on the morning of 26 November 2007 while he was on his way to the Khaznadar police station, in the suburbs of Tunis, to recover his passport. Police officials had earlier refused to grant him a passport, for which he had staged a 15-day hunger strike in early November. (Ifex) He was charged with “aggression against a public employee” and “affront to public decency”.

On December 04th, 2007, a Tunisian court has sentenced blogger and journalist Slim Boukhdhir to a one-year prison sentence and a 5 dinar fine (approx. 3 Euros) for "insulting behavior towards an official in the exercise of his duty" (eight months), "breach of accepted standards of good behavior," (four months) and "refusal to produce his identity papers to the police."

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