Sokratis Giolias

Sokratis Giolias

Location: Athens, Greece
37° 55' 48" N, 23° 45' 0" E
Status: Deceased
Deceased on 19 Jul 2010

37-year old Sokratis Giolias was a Greek investigative journalist, blogger and broadcaster.

His assassination took place on July 19, 2010 outside his home in Ilioupoli (Athens). Three uniformed men rang his doorbell, telling him a car was being stolen outside. He rushed to the entrance of his apartment building and was shot 16 times, dying instantly.

He was the co-founder of the newsblog 'Troktiko' according to various sources including a confirmation made by the website following his death, though he had denied this association in his lifetime. The blog became one of the most popular sources of news in Greece. The newsblog was responsible for uncovering several scandals—and for inventing a few too.

According to colleagues, he had been about to publish the results of an investigation into corruption. "Somebody wanted to silence a very good investigative reporter who had stepped on a lot of toes with his stories," had said Panos Sobolos, president of the Athens journalists' union at the time.

Ballistics tests tied the killers' guns to previous attacks by the Sect of Revolutionaries, a young domestic terrorist group.

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