Wang Yi

Wang Yi

Location: Henan, China
33° 5' 10.7736" N, 114° 0' 47.4624" E
Status: Under Arrest
Arrested on 15 Nov 2010

According to Chinese Human Rights Defenders' tweet human rights activist Wang Yi, real name Cheng Jianping 程建萍, was sentenced to one year labour re-education for forwarding a political satire post about the anti-Japanese Protest in Twitter.

Before the labour re-education determination came out, Wang Yi was detained in a hostel at XinXiang City, Henan Province. She was escorted to the police station on 15 of November by 6-7 police and forced to sign up the one year labour re-education determination issued by the XinXiang city Labour Re-education Committee. The determination stated that she had “disturbed the public order”. Wang Yi refused to sign the paper.

On 17 of October, Wang Yi retweeted a post by Hua Chunhui who satirically challenged the anti-Japanese angry youths in China by inviting them to destroy the Japan pavilion in Shanghai Expo. She added a comment, “Angry youth, come forward and break the pavilion!” in her retweet.

The police interpreted her satire as a public order disturbance and asked the Labour Re-education committee to sentence her to one year labour camp, from November 15 2010 to November 9 2011 in Zhenzhou Shibali river labour re-education camp.

According to Xiaoyong tweets, Wang Yi has became an online activist since 2006 and has helped a number of human rights activists to raise fund and participated in a number of flash mob actions.

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